KIDJAM! is an online listening experience produced by WAPS-FM in Akron, Ohio. The primary mission is to empower and entertain children while enhancing self-motivation, good nutrition, and creating high self-esteem.

KIDJAM! achieves this through peer-to-peer communication which introduces a variety of appropriate music styles and, between songs, offer messages designed as motivators for kids to be their best.

We Achieve Our Mission:

By providing an extensive variety of commercial-free music for ages 7-12 from all eras that kids and parents can enjoy together without corporate influence or ulterior motives;

By developing and respecting the intelligence of kids and, in their own voices, presenting concepts of healthy choices;

By emphasizing an integrated value system based on principles created and endorsed by teachers, parents and professionals for children;

By celebrating harmony in everyday choices kids make in school, at home and with their friends;

And by offering parents a positive, safe place for their children, commercial-free with no per-usage fees.

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